Sex On Your Terms

Society's standards for sex and relationships is archaic at best and debilitatingly limiting at worst. Life is short! You should be going after the sex life and/or relationship of your dreams! And we will be here to guide you on that journey, every step of the way! Together, let's create a life less ordinary, and sex on your terms!

Our Services


Hotwife Coaching

  • Single male etiquette
  • Online presence for hotwife couples and bulls
  • How to start a conversation about hotwifing
  • Setting boundaries, with your partner and with others

Consensual Nonmonogamy Coaching

  • How to talk to your partner about swinging
  • Communicating about play sessions
  • Finding other swingers
  • Sexual health
  • Develop strong online presences
  • Conflict resolution, with your partner and with lifestyle friends

Age Gap Relationship Coaching

  • Communicating about your age gap
  • Incontinence issues, and how to talk about it
  • How to deal with judgement from the outsides

Dating Profile Consultation

  • How to stand out from the competition
  • Crafting effective opening messages
  • How to "close the deal"
  • How to ask for what you want, and actually get it!