Who Are We?


A Hotwife Couple

Before either of us even knew what the term "hotwifing" meant, we were sharing fantasies about Brenna engaging with other men, all with Brian's explicit (and eager) consent. What has transpired is quite possibly the hottest and most erotic experiences imagineable. Curious about sharing your sexy wife with other men? Or are you single man interested in engaging with an enticing hotwife? Our extensive experience in the world of hotwifing has prepared us to help with all of that!


And We're Swingers!

The honest fact is simple: Human beings, from a scientific standpoint, are not meant to be  monogamous. We both fought that fact for years, trying to be monogamous and feeling empty. We now realize, it wasn't just a lack of sex partners that had us feeling unfulfilled: It was more about a lack of honest communication about sex in general. We are passionate about swinging because it has opened up the floodgates to effective communication and VERY HOT SEX for us! Let us coach you through the swinging lifestyle!


Versed in BDSM

Before finding our soulmates in one another, we were both exploring in the world of BDSM. Then, we decided to venture even further into kink by developing our own version of a Dom/sub dynamic. We had to learn a level of trust and communication most vanilla couples will never understand. And we can coach you through this form of alternative relationship too!

Front Porch Swingers, Brenna, a real-life swinger and hotwife

Check Out Our Podcast: Front Porch Swingers

If you're curious about who we really are and the experiences we've shared in hotwifing, swinging and kink, don't miss our sexy swinger podcast called Front Porch Swingers! We share real-life stories of our adventures, the good, the bad, the sexy and everything in between!